“Father’s Determination: Setting Up a Home Level Early Intervention Place for Sonia”

In an inspiring example of determination and commitment, Kalipada Marndi, a devoted father, has set up a Home Level Early Intervention Place (HEIP) for his daughter Sonia Marndi in a remote tribal village in Mayurbhanj.

With the guidance of the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) worker and coordinator of SADHANA, Kalipada has created a supportive environment for Sonia’s development. The HEIP is equipped with various assistive devices such as parallel bars, a positioning mud seat, an activity board, a standing mud pit, a standing frame, and a corner seat. These tools play a crucial role in Sonia’s early intervention by helping improve her physical abilities, promoting sensory stimulation, enhancing her motor skills, and facilitating her overall development. Kalipada’s dedication to his daughter’s well-being and the establishment of the HEIC demonstrates that with determination and limited resources, even in challenging circumstances, it is possible to provide vital support and create a nurturing environment for children with disabilities.

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