Our Mission and Vision

About Us

SADHANA, which stands for Society for Action in Disability and Health Awareness, is a non-profit organization committed to empowering marginalized communities and addressing various socio-economic challenges they face. Our mission goes beyond disability and encompasses a holistic approach to uplift communities by focusing on education, health, and nutrition. At SADHANA, we recognize the inter connectedness of these issues and strive to create sustainable solutions that promote inclusivity and well-being for all. We work towards bridging gaps in education by advocating for quality schooling, supporting access to educational resources, and promoting inclusive learning environments.
In the realm of health, SADHANA aims to improve healthcare services and awareness among marginalized communities. We prioritize preventive measures, healthcare education, and access to essential medical services, ensuring that individuals have the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their well-being. Nutrition is another crucial aspect of our work. We understand the significance of proper nutrition in the overall development of individuals, especially children. SADHANA focuses on promoting nutrition programs, ensuring access to healthy and balanced meals, and advocating for sustainable agricultural practices within marginalized communities. By addressing these interconnected issues, SADHANA strives to create a society where marginalized communities have equal opportunities and access to quality education, healthcare, and nutrition. Our approach is rooted in community engagement, empowerment, and sustainable development practices, fostering lasting change and building stronger, more inclusive communities. We are committed to sensitizing and involving all stakeholders in our work towards creating a more inclusive and supportive community.

Vision: Our vision is for a society that is based on profound human values and respect for each individual, regardless of their physical, mental, and social abilities. Our mission is to work with marginalized groups, with a focus on disabled persons and their families, in a mutual sharing of strengths and acceptance of limitations, to build a more equitable and humane society.

Mission: Working with marginalised groups with an emphasis on disabled persons and their families in a mutual sharing of strengths and acceptance of limitations, to build a more equitable and humane society

Our objectives are:

  • to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities, especially children and their families, and other weaker sections of society
  • enabling them to develop and realize their full potential
  • to work towards reducing and eliminating those factors in society that deprive any person of their rightful place within the community
  • to work for the overall development of deprived sections of the community in order to build a harmonious and just society where everyone has a decent standard of living and
  • to work with all persons of good will in village communities to strengthen cultural values that favour inclusion and harness the talents and efforts of community members to build a society where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Our name, SADHANA, reflects the consistent effort and self-sacrifice required to build the desired ideal society. Our logo symbolizes our approach of becoming part of the lives of marginalized persons and gradually and steadily building up strengths and eliminating prejudices until all find their place in society. This approach, which is based on humility and respect for all involved, underlies all of our choices and decisions, including our area of operation, activities, and processes.