Volunteers and interns at SADHANA can contribute to the organization in a variety of ways. They may also have the opportunity to work closely with individuals with disabilities and their families, and to gain hands-on experience in disability rights and inclusion. In addition, volunteers and interns can learn about disability rights and inclusion, and can gain valuable skills and experience that can be applied to future education or career endeavours.

There are many ways that volunteers and interns can contribute to the work of an organization like SADHANA. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Assist with program implementation: Volunteers and interns can help with the day-to-day running of programs and projects, such as helping to deliver services to clients or working on community outreach activities.
  • Support administrative tasks: There is always a need for help with administrative tasks, such as data entry, filing and documentation.
  • Assist with fundraising and marketing efforts: Volunteers and interns can help to develop and implement fundraising campaigns, create marketing materials, and assist with social media outreach.
  • Provide technical expertise: If you have specialized skills or knowledge in a particular area, such as web design or data analysis, you can use those skills to support the organization’s work.
  • Offer your unique perspective and ideas: As an outsider, you may have a fresh perspective and unique ideas that can help to inform and improve the organization’s work.

Overall, the key is to find ways to use your strengths and interests to make a meaningful contribution to the organization and its mission.