At SADHANA, we believe in the power of community involvement to make a real impact on the lives of people with disabilities. That’s why we have a number of community involvement initiatives in place to engage and empower local villagers.

Village level Disabled People’s Organisation (VDPO)

One of these initiatives is the formation of village level self-help groups, known as VDPOs. VDPOs are formal and structured groups consisting of disabled adults and parents of disabled children from neighbouring villages. They work collectively to improve the quality of life for themselves and other disabled individuals in their area. VDPO members contribute to the betterment of their own families and villages, playing mature and capable roles within their communities. The major role of VDPO is to take responsibility for the formation, guidance, and monitoring of Village Resource Pools (VRPs) in their villages and nearby areas. By doing so, they create a favourable environment for all disabled children and adults in their community.

Gram Panchayat level Disabled Persons Organizations (GDPO)

These are formal and structured groups composed of representative members from the Village Disabled Persons Organizations (VDPO) within a specific Gram Panchayat (GP). The GDPOs have the primary responsibility of ongoing formation and strengthening of VDPOs, ensuring that they can effectively fulfill their roles. GDPOs play a crucial role in facilitating collaboration, guidance, and support at the Gram Panchayat level, ensuring the effective implementation of community-based development and rehabilitation programs for disabled individuals and their families.

Block Level Network (BLN)

It is a formal network comprising representative members from the Gram Panchayat Level Disabled Persons Organizations (GDPOs) within a specific block. The BLN aims to collectively engage with the government and different service providers for accessing and ensuring services and benefits for eligible disabled individuals. It also supports GDPOs and Village Disabled Persons Organizations (VDPOs) in realizing their vision for the betterment of disabled individuals and their families. BLN serves as a platform for GDPOs to collectively address larger issues at the block or district level, advocate for the rights and needs of disabled individuals, and promote inclusive development in the community.

Village Resource Pool (VRP

The Village Resource Pool (VRP) is an integral part of the SADHAN’s work. The VRPs work towards promoting an inclusive and favourable attitude among villagers and the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) towards persons with disabilities and their families. They aim to enhance the practical action for the maximum development and integration of disabled individuals into village life. The VRPs work closely with the community to ensure that disabled individuals are treated with respect and care. They make efforts to include them in all village activities, and encourage villagers to consider them as their own. The VRPs note the actions to be taken and follow up with the villagers to ensure their implementation. The Village Disabled People’s Organization (VDPO) has set up effective VRPs in their villages, furthering the goal of promoting inclusiveness and improving the lives of disabled individuals in the community.

Fun and Learning Groups

Fun and Learning Groups (FLGs) are established and strengthened in selected villages through the collaborative effort of Village Resource Persons (VRPs), parents, and the guidance of the Coordinator. These groups are designed to provide engaging and educational activities for disabled children and village children up to 12 years of age.

School Programmes

The School Programmes conducted by SADHANA aim to promote awareness, sensitivity, and mental health among all students, including those with disabilities. These programmes are specifically implemented in schools that have disabled students, with the goal of fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all children.

In addition to creating awareness about the special needs of disabled students, the programmes also incorporate activities that focus on building the confidence and well-being of all children. SADHANA works closely with teachers and students to help them understand the challenges faced by their peers and develop strategies to include and support them in all school activities.

Teachers and students are encouraged to find ways to include children with disabilities in various aspects of school life, ensuring their active participation and learning. Moreover, as part of the programme, SADHANA collaborates with mental health professionals to incorporate activities that promote the emotional well-being of all children.

Through these activities, children are provided with opportunities to build their confidence, develop social skills, and foster a sense of belonging within the school community. The programmes also aim to reduce stigma and create an inclusive environment where every child feels valued and supported.