Individual Level Development

Persons with disability and their family members experience a variety of problems due to intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors. Physical and/or mental impairment brings with it some limitation of physical and mental ability, often leading to constraints in socialization and participation in family and community life. Several of these limitations can be reduced by specific interventions that enable individuals to develop their potential to the maximum. SADHANA works for maximal individual development through various interventions.

Individual Home Programme:

A detailed assessment is conducted to assess the functional abilities and limitations of the child in various life domains and the factors influencing such abilities/ limitations of the child using a special format designed for the purpose. The information is used to formulate a Comprehensive Inclusion Plan (CIP) which contains various targets aimed at improving their physical, intellectual and social skills by reducing the impact of impairment and obstacles faced by the person.  The CIP is implemented by the CBR Worker with active participation of the parents/ care giver of the child on weekly basis.
Child centered Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) are prepared and used to facilitate the individual home programme.
The CIP is reviewed every six months using the same assessment format and the same is reformulated and implemented based on the findings. This is done individually at home level and also in groups of parents and children.

Professional Assessment Camps

As per need Professional Assessment camps are organised for children with moderate/ severe disability who are required to be seen by Professionals.

These camps are organised with support from Rehabilitation Centres for Children (RCFC) Kolkata, Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP) and TCTD Bhubaneswar.

Referral and support services

Medical / surgical interventions

Children who require medical and surgical interventions are referred to various institutions. SADHANA has developed links with Rehabilitation Centres for Children (RCFC), West Bank Hospital and Kalpataru Hospital, Hope Hospital, all in Kolkata, Peace Bird Society (PBS), Bokaro. Surgery of some children/ persons are also done in SCB Medical college, Cuttack and Swami Vivekanand National Institute for Rehabilitation Training and Research (SVNIRTAR), Olatpur.

Assistive Devices
Persons/ children who need supportive and mobility devices are supported to avail such services at the District Disability Rehabilitation Centre (DDRC), Baripada, SVNIRTAR, Olatpur and camps organised by NGOs including Marwardi Juva Manch and Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan. This is being done with active involvement of the members of SHGs and DPOs who stimulated those concerned to visit the camp/ centre and receive the aids and appliances.

It is often noticed that mobility devices made available from Government or Camps does not suit to the needs of the person with disability. These devices need a lot of modification and adaptations, which is being done by SADHANA personnel.

Further, some children need sitting aids, standing frames, and parallel bars etc which are being fabricated by SADHANA personnel as per the need of the children with disability using locally available material.

Follow up and Counselling

Home level monitoring and follow-up is done to ensure that rehabilitation measures taken and progress made are maintained. The parents and family members are counselled to encourage the person/ children with disability to continue regular medication, use aids and appliances and arrange for the surgical/ medical interventions as per the need.

Further children with disability are also followed up as required for support in accessing disability certificates, ensuring school enrolment and accessing scholarships. Adults with disability are followed up for getting involved in collectives and income generation activities.

Education of children with disability

SADHANA strives to promote education of children with disability mostly in village schools. Efforts are also made to make the schools inclusive according to availability of resources and expertise.


As per need, CBRWs follow up these children at school to give additional teaching input. They also prepare and use appropriate teaching learning materials for these children. They also try to build the capacity of parents and other stake holders as to how these could be used. At present SADHANA supports 55 such children in village schools.

Sponsorship of Poor Children for Education Support:

More often it is seen that children with inherent talents are deprived of good education because of abject poverty. SADHANA tries to link these children to Individuals abroad who are interested to sponsor these children.


Counselling and Capacity Building of Family Members:

Training of parents on management of children with moderate and severe disability is an integral part of our home-based programmes, during which the CBRW guides the parents in carrying out appropriate interventions.


Apart from the above training workshops are also being arranged for parents with support from outside resource persons and by SADHANA team.


Vocational Training and support for income generation

SADHANA runs a small vocational training centre in tailoring, embroidery. Interim trainings are also arranged on sabai grass work and other local crafts making. Though it is very much limited due to lack of resource and expertise, it has extended its service to may adolescent girls who are benefiting from such training.


SADHANA also make linkages with other formal Institutions and Informal settings for training of young people with disability to enable them to earn their living. Wherever necessary and as per availability of resources, SADHANA also provides financial support to enable young people with disabilities to start their own business.


Exposure and Outing for Children with disability:

Children with disability in the rural/ tribal villages do not get much opportunity to get out of their villages. Every year SADHANA provides opportunities to such children to come out of their village and visit Jagadhatri Mela- a district level Exhibition.


Occasional Parent- children outing is also arranged where both parents and children visit a local picnic spot. The parents are given opportunity to have structured discussion and sharing of experience and the children are allowed to enjoy art and craft workshop.


Exposure of Parents and SHG Members to Other Organisations/Platforms

SADHANA has developed links with many state level and national level NGOs who organise various skill building workshops, entrepreneurship activities, consultations etc. The parents and SHG members are encouraged to attend such exposure programmes.


Programme to address the rights of deaf children in rural areas


SADHANA, as a network partner of SANCHAR, implemented a special programme for promoting rights of deaf children within CBR programmes. Through this support SADHANA has been facilitating formation of a district level parents association which will take forward the advocacy on rights of deaf children. To take this process ahead a proposal with Deaf Child Worldwide is under progress.

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    We had a great learning experience of how an NGO is to be maintained, and treated so that it excels in the role for which it was started. Sadhana is an outstanding example of a professionally maintained organization.

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