Community Level Interventions

SADHANA’s dream is that of a community where every person – child or adult – fully belongs, is cared for and in turn cares for the other community members.
The majority of SADHANA staff therefore work in the villages of the project area, keeping contact with villagers and service providers, putting across SADHANA’s vision in informal conversation and through specific activities. The overall aim of these activities is that of sensitising young and old to this vision of a caring, inclusive village community. The activities also aim to equip specific sections of the population with the knowledge, motivation and skills required to work together for overall community development as well as favouring the development of deprived sections of the community.

Community Sensitisation and Involvement

The major activities in the line of Community Sensitisation and Involvement have been:

  • GP Level Sensitization Meetings and workshops with PRIs and local service providers
  • Village level meetings for awareness on mainstreaming disability and promoting inclusion
  • School Awareness Programmes with students and teachers
  • Inter High School competitions
  • Ability Festival for personality development of children with disability
  • Workshop on prevention of HIV /AIDs and Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Youth Sensitization Programme

Promoting Collectives and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
SADHANA has been promoting collectives of persons with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities and women since the last 8 years. It promotes SHGs and DPOs and network them at Block level as detailed below.

Self-Help Groups of Persons with Disabilities and Parents:

Self-Help Groups of persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities from one or more villages are formed and strengthened for mutual support and solidarity. Issues like livelihood, personal health and hygiene, nutrition, and family level issues are the major concern of the SHGs and a spirit of mutual support and practical help is instilled in the members. These SHGs carry the suffix 'Sampark' (relationship) for greater solidarity and visibility.

Gram Panchayat Level Disabled People's Organisation:

To favour collaboration among all community members, persons with disability from among the SHGs, together with interested non-disabled community members, are organised at Gram Panchayat (GP) level to form Disabled People's Organisations (DPOs) called 'Pragati' (progress). In these DPOs, political and human rights issues like mobilisation of poverty alleviation schemes and benefits are taken up for the community as a whole; priority is given to matters affecting persons with disability such as education of children with disabilities and participation of persons with disabilities in village and panchayat level decision-making processes.

Block Level Network of GP Level DPOs

The GP level DPOs are networked at Block Level and is named as ‘SAMIKSHYA’ (analysis). At present the 11 GP level DPOs of Baripada Block have been networked to form Samikhsya, Baripada and six GP level DPOs of Suliapada Block have been networked to form Samikshya Jana Kalyan Suliapada.
The Block Level Network made up of representatives of the GP level DPOs, is formed for mutual support and effective advocacy with Government authorities.
Facilitation of these groups includes a considerable amount of training in various aspects of group dynamics and management. Moreover SADHANA has endeavored throughout to give all these groups a broad vision that would include their responsibility towards their society as well as the enhancement of the quality of their own life.

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    I was not at all aware of sadhana until i developed sadhana websites......i casually visited the website but i was really touched by their work flow....and thought of lending my hands to them...

    Manoj Sahoo
  • Sadhana Work

    We had a great learning experience of how an NGO is to be maintained, and treated so that it excels in the role for which it was started. Sadhana is an outstanding example of a professionally maintained organization.

    EVSPL Team
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