Collaboration with Government and Non-Government O

Working with Government

SADHANA collaborates with local governance and district administration as well as with various NGOs and CSOs to address policy and practise gaps in implementation of various programmes and schemes meant for people with disability.
We have developed a good relationship with the District Disability Rehabilitation centre, District Health Administration, District Social welfare Office and Sarva Sikhsya Abhiyan (SSA), Mayurbhanj, Baripada Block Authority and Suliapada Block Authority who are also involved in rehabilitation process of the persons and children with disability.

Observation of International day for persons with disability:

Every year on 3rd December international day for persons with disability is celebrated in the district in collaboration with the district administration and other local NGOs.  
From 2010 the celebration of the day has been extended to Block level, in Baripada and Suliapada Block, with active support from the Block Authority and Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan.  
Collaboration and Alliances with other NGOs/ Networks

SADHANA has been an active member of and collaborates with the following alliance/network:

  1. NARD – National Alliance for Rural Development, a network of 12 NGOs of Mayurbhanj District, including SADHANA;
  2. ODPN – Orissa Disabled People's Network- a state level network of persons with disability and alliances;
  3. VCRO: Voices of Child Rights Organisations- a state level alliance of NGOs working on child rights; and
  4. CBR India Network – a national level network of NGOs, INGOs and Professionals for promoting CBR in India and affiliated with the Asia Pacific CBR Network and CBR World Congress.
In all these forums, SADHANA brings its experience of village realities and tries to present the perspective of the weaker sections of the community.

What People Say

  • My Experience

    I was not at all aware of sadhana until i developed sadhana websites......i casually visited the website but i was really touched by their work flow....and thought of lending my hands to them...

    Manoj Sahoo
  • Sadhana Work

    We had a great learning experience of how an NGO is to be maintained, and treated so that it excels in the role for which it was started. Sadhana is an outstanding example of a professionally maintained organization.

    EVSPL Team
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