Imarting Trainning

Training on Community Based Rehabilitation

SADHANA provides 40 days modular training in various phases along with filed level support to CBR Workers. The training is being extended to organisation working in tribal context in their own settings by deputing trainers from SADHANA.

Once the training infrastructure is ready SADHANA will implement the above 40 days training for CBR workers in its project office.

Orientation and Field Exposure Programme

For CBR Workers

With request from NGOs working on CBR, SADHANA provides a three days modular orientation and exposure programme on basics of Disability and CBR for field workers/ CBR workers and DPO Members.

During such programme both theoretical input is given and the participants visit field area of SADHANA to interaction with families, DPOs and observe the interventions carried out by SADHANA personnel in the villages.

For DPO Members

SADHANA also takes up orientation and exposure programmes for DPO members on request. During such programmes both theoretical input on basics of advocacy and lobby is imparted along with exposure and interaction with members of DPOs promoted by SADHANA.

The DPO members from other areas get insight on how the tribal persons with disability have been organised in spite of so many challenges they face.

Placement of MSW Students

SADHANA provides short-term and long-term placements for MSW students, from various Institutions/ Universities, who opt to specialise on mainstreaming disability in development.

What People Say

  • My Experience

    I was not at all aware of sadhana until i developed sadhana websites......i casually visited the website but i was really touched by their work flow....and thought of lending my hands to them...

    Manoj Sahoo
  • Sadhana Work

    We had a great learning experience of how an NGO is to be maintained, and treated so that it excels in the role for which it was started. Sadhana is an outstanding example of a professionally maintained organization.

    EVSPL Team
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