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SADHANA has been blessed with the support of friends and funding agencies that have provided the necessary stimulation as well as the moral and financial support that have enabled SADHANA to grow over a period of 15 years into an organisation known for the quality of its operations and respected for its commitment.


  • Madre Teresa di Calcutta (MTDC), an Italian NGO, was the first group to offer project funding and it has been extending its support to SADHANA over the last nine years. Apart from funding the CBR programme in 3 GPs, our friends in Italy are our major support for infrastructure development.


  • Department for International Development (DFID) funded a three-year project between January 2006 to December 2008 that focused primarily on the formation of collectives and advocacy covering the whole block of Baripada. This project was instrumental in helping SADHANA develop a human rights advocacy approach to complement its intensive individual development interventions. The collectives so formed were further strengthened through the comprehensive CBR programmes being supported by CBR Forum, MTDC and CordAid.


  • CBR Forum, Bangalore came into the picture in 2008-09 with financial aid for CBR interventions in 4 GPs. Moreover, CBR Forum specifically promotes advocacy through its Block Disability Advocacy Programme (BDAP). This has been providing excellent stimulus to the Disabled Persons Organisations in the area of operation, especially through common programmes held with DPOs from other areas of Orissa and West Bengal.


  • CordAid, Netherlands have enabled SADHANA to take up comprehensive CBR interventions in an additional 10 GPs, ensuring coverage of the whole Baripada Block and extending our area of operation to a new Block, namely Suliapada, from September 2009.


  • IFPIAN joined forces with SADHANA during 2010 with a project focused on low cost Mobility Assistive Devices to improve the quality of life of persons with disability, which has been completed in 2011-12.


  • Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), UK through its IPAP extended support to SADHANA for developing linkages of our grassroots DPOs with the State Level Disability Network for state level policy advocacy. This came to an end in September 2012.
  • Child Rights and You (CRY), Kolkata extended its support to SADHANA from February 2012 to implement a community based inclusive child development programme in three Gram Panchayats of Baripada Block.
  • Handicap International, France through its state office in Odisha extended support to SADHANA from April 2012 to strengthen the physical rehabilitation efforts within its CBR programmes through professional and technical support.

What People Say

  • My Experience

    I was not at all aware of sadhana until i developed sadhana websites......i casually visited the website but i was really touched by their work flow....and thought of lending my hands to them...

    Manoj Sahoo
  • Sadhana Work

    We had a great learning experience of how an NGO is to be maintained, and treated so that it excels in the role for which it was started. Sadhana is an outstanding example of a professionally maintained organization.

    EVSPL Team
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